Buy Contact Lenses Without Prescription

If you are wanting to buy contact lenses without a prescription, do you mean without a current prescription, or without any prescription at all?

If you have no prescription then you should be very wary.  The eye is a delicate organ and not one you want to take chances with.  If you have no prescription then how do you know what strength lens to order?  Or are you trying to get cosmetic contact lenses without prescription?  Even if you don’t want lenses to correct your vision, you still need lenses to fit the curvature of your eye and so a prescription of some sort is sensible.

Perhaps you do have a prescription but it is a few years old.  It seems reasonable in these circumstances that you should be able to buy contact lenses without prescription if you feel that your eyes haven’t changed, but unfortunately, and certainly in the UK,US and Canada, an up to date prescription is required to buy contact lenses online.  This might be annoying but it does make sense as your eye curvature might have changed since your last prescription.  An eye test will also pick up on any possible problems in your eyes.

In the end, however much you believe that it’s your right to do what you like with your eyes, it does make sense to have regular check ups and you will find it hard, if not impossible, to buy contact lenses wihtout prescription.

Halloween Contact Lenses No Prescription

Every year at this time there is a sudden surge in interest in contact lenses.

Why? Does everyone’s eyesight suddenly get worse in winter? Of course not; the simple answer is Halloween contact lenses. People love to dress up and the scarier you can make your costume the better. Read more..

Getting Contact Lenses Without Prescription

So you want to get contact lenses without prescription?

Why do you want to do this? Do you know what your prescription is, so you think you don’t need to get another, or do you just want cosmetic lenses which don’t have a strength and so should not need a prescription? Read more..

Canada – Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

Whenever people talk about getting contact lenses without a prescription, or without a current prescription, the discussion usually gets round to Canada sooner or later.

Canada, that almost mythical land where Read more about contact lenses from Canada without prescription

Buy Contact Lenses Online Without Prescription

Many people want to buy contact lenses online without a prescription and it’s easy to see why.

You’ve had a test sometime in the past, you’ve worn lenses before so you know what you need. But when you try to buy contacts online you find Read more about buying contact lenses without a prescription

Non Prescription Colored Lenses

Non prescription colored lenses are lenses which do not perform any corrective function.  That is, they have zero strength.  Such lenses are also called ‘plano contact lenses’.  Of course, we’re specifically talking about colored lenses here. Read more about non prescription colored lenses

Contacts Without A Current Prescription

It is possible to obtain contacts without a current prescription, if you really want to.  Generally speaking it is not illegal to do this, as a consumer, but laws vary from country to country so it is wise to check. Read more about contacts without a current prescription

Coloured Prescription Lenses

If you wear contact lenses then an exciting new world has just been opened up for you:  the ability to change the colour of your eyes by wearing coloured prescription lenses. Read more about coloured prescription lenses

Colored Contact Lenses Without Prescription

Before going any further we must make a distinction between colored prescription lenses and obtaining colored contact lenses, prescription or otherwise, without a prescription.  So what exactly is the difference? Read more about colored contact lenses without prescription

Order Contact Lenses Without Prescription

If you want to order contact lenses without prescription you will need to find somewhere where it is legal to sell contact lenses without a prescription. Read more about ordering contact lenses without prescription